What are the key responsibilities for a Calibration Manager?

Instruments that are used to take accurate measurements typically require periodic calibration to ensure reliable readings. They are sometimes tested in a highly controlled laboratory setting while...

Things to look for while choosing Computerized Calibration Management  Software (CCMS)

We are currently living in a technology-driven era. Everything has been digitized and moved to online platforms. Most businesses today have replaced pen and paper practices within their organization...

Paperless Technology In Calibration Environments

All companies selling goods in the US that are subject to the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, biologics, medical devices, diagnostics, etc.) are...

Instrument Accuracy Checks and Calibration

Article reposted with permission from the author Robin Amsbary at QA Magazine.

DeviceSync - A New Documenting Calibrator Tool

Prime Technologies Inc., developers of ProCalV5 Calibration Management Software, has announced the release of DeviceSync; a web-enabled application designed to provide a rapid and secure method for...

ProCalV5 is Well Received in Europe

The purpose of Prime Technologies, Inc.'s recent trip to France, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, and Germany was to establish a stronger brand presence for ProCalV5 in the European market and to cement...

Best Calibration Practices in Pharmaceutical Environments

Anyone in the industry knows that proper calibration practices and calibrated tools are absolutely vital to any pharmaceutical company, regardless of its size. Keeping critical measurement equipment...

Calibration Management in the ISO/IEC 17025-Accredited Facility

The Right Calibration Management Software Can Simplify and Strengthen Your Quality Practices. by Bernard Williams

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