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Unilever_Research_Development_CTUnilever, a consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, Netherlands, decided they needed to make improvements to their calibration practices and documentation, they chose ProCalV5 calibration software.

The Challenge

A regulatory compliance audit determined that existing calibration practices and documentation required extensive improvements. In-house experience with instrument calibrations and quality systems was inadequate to develop an effective strategy to improve procedures and practices.

The Solution

Purchase ProCalV5 to provide the foundation infrastructure to electronically construct an asset database, develop Standard Operating Procedures and device calibration strategies and establish appropriate approval practices and responsibilities for work to be performed.

Conduct a ProCalV5 workshop to assist with software installation, test and validate system operation. Utilize Prime Technologies process experts to assess existing work flow practices, recommend improved procedures and configure the application according to newly defined objectives.

Assign technicians to survey all existing facility systems and devices. Build master asset records and establish all required hierarchical associations. Establish record approval policies and recommended work schedules for specific devices. Perform initial calibrations on all equipment and systems. Submit completed work records to the client for final approval and establish historical records for each device. Train Unilever personnel on software, new SOPs and calibration practices. Develop a list of recommend test standards for future calibrations to be internally performed.

The Impact

Internal calibration practices were substantially improved. Subsequent compliance audits revealed no major and very few minor observations relating to instrument calibrations. With more reliable and dependable instrument readings, production lines were able to make more product in shorter periods resulting in an almost immediate return on initial investment.

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