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Voridian Columbia Operations, Eastman LogoWhen Voridian Columbia Operations, a division of Eastman Chemical Company, decided to go paperless using ProCalV5, a calibration software system from Prime Technologies Inc., its intention was to optimize a lean calibration staff.

Voridian, a division of Eastman Chemical Company, specializes in the manufacture of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Eastman Chemical Company – South Carolina Operations (SCO) is the largest manufacturer of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) polymer in the United States. PET is the raw material used for plastic bottles for carbonated beverages and bottled water consumed worldwide, and is the most recyclable of all plastics. The SCO plant sits on approximately 2,300 acres and is located on the Congaree River in rural Calhoun County. The site was established in 1967 as Carolina Eastman, and was originally built to produce polyester fiber for the textile industry.

Calibration Software in Eastman Columbia PlantEastman’s Columbia, South Carolina operations produces specialty plastics that are used in specialty films and packaging products sold into durables, packaging and other consumer products.

“I’ve been to our calibration shop on a number of occasions, either as part of a customer visit or audit, and have had a chance to observe our use of the software.” says Brian Lander, manager of quality assurance for Voridian. “It offers a number of benefits."

“Calibration software reports show the test instrument used and reference the current calibration status of the test instrument. Reports are easy to save and e-mail as PDF files, which has cut down on the amount of paper we handle."

“We are able to link our specific procedures which are stored on a local server to the information used when calibrating instruments. In addition, the system interface is extremely flexible, which allowed us to have the software fit our existing processes rather than having to rethink our processes to fit the software. Calibration records are easy to retrieve in several different ways.”

Calibration software is a key element of the Voridian calibration lab’s ISO 9001 quality management system. The flexible and intuitive data retrieval and reporting capabilities, along with electronic data collection, helps Voridian make its lean calibration staff completely effective. “Our centralized shop is subject to examination in any internal, customer or third-party audit.” says Landers. “Auditors now leave the calibration lab very satisfied with the effectiveness and efficiency of our calibration processes.”


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